Centigrade - TORK Toolbox 2.0

Redefining Customer Contact with Tork Toolbox 2.0

Back in 2017, Centigrade developed an online portal for client Tork, which allowed brand-guidelined high resolution PDFs to be produced client-side for print. In 2019, together with the client, we analysed and evaluated the user-data and defined improvements and new features which have already improved and increased the usage of the portal. New templates were defined, created and implemented, making it faster and easier for their own staff to produce their sales and marketing materials without specialist knowledge.

Deliverables: Roadmap improvements/new requirements based on user-data analysis, HTML 5 back-end upgrade, PDF generation engine upgrade, new and improved templates, improved archiving options, optimised user interface and creation processes.

Realised in: September

Year in review 2019