Centigrade - TORK-campagne.com, a Customer Loyalty Program

Driving Customer Loyalty: Tork-Campagne.com

Concept, campaign images, leaflets, mailings and the front and back end of a loyalty program that runs for 11 months. This was a hefty list of deliverables, all handled by Centigrade for client Tork. The results, a fully-automatic system that allows participating dealers to accrue points when they place their normal orders. Customers can participate as a group or as individuals within the same organisation. Points can be redeemed at the end of the campaign for all sorts of (group) activities, or donated to charities including Unicef and WWF etc. The invaluable metrics of such a program will allow Tork to build a clearer picture of demand throughout its distributor network, and tailor future programs and offers.

Deliverables: General visual concept, campaign images/photoshoot, 9 individual campaign leaflets, e-mailings and the loyalty platform (back-end) and Tork-campaign website (front-end).

Realised in: December

Year in review 2019