The traditional definition of sponsorship is: A form marketing in which a corporation pays for all of some of the costs associated with a project or program in exchange for recognition. 
While that may sound simple and straight forward, it is much more complicated than that. Sponsorship is promotional partnership and brand alignment between a company and a property, an athlete or artist, an event, or even content. It is not just about placing a logo on a sign, poster or tee shirt. In today’s market it is a complete integration of the brand and that partnering opportunity, including strategic activations, promotions, even content around the partnering opportunity for an organic, holistic relationship between brand and property.
Whether a sports team, festival, music event, or even a charity, sponsorship is a platform that directly connects with consumers and audiences in a way much more intimate and interpersonal than straight advertising.
It used to be called “360 Marketing” – meaning interacting with the consumer audience through a 360 degrees approach: impressions, consumer touch, sampling, brand association, and take-aways. 
In today’s world of sports and entertainment marketing, sponsorship is more about 365, meaning 365 days – and creating programs around sponsorship that last beyond a one day event to a year-long association  between brands, properties and the consumer audience.
At Centigrade we excel at big ideas, see the big picture, and understand how to get there through smart strategies based on consumer and brand insights. We’re a little unconventional, and not afraid to color outside the lines. We understand sports and entertainment marketing from both the property and rights holder side as well as the partnering brands, and create lasting relationships around both that deliver emotional connections with your target audiences.