Project Description

Detailed measurement from print to digital via QR

For a special offer on specific product lines ScanSource/Motorola required a centrally printed mailing, covering 2,500 resellers across multiple sales forces, 5 languages and more than 30 countries. With no practical way of centrally handling response, the challenge was how to handle measurement and follow-up.

Our solution was to use database techniques to generate personalised URLs and QR codes that were digitally printed.
This meant over 70,000 QR codes were dynamically produced and 2,500 personalised mobile web pages.

Individual code scans were tracked enabling individual measurement of which products were of interest, with further actions in the mobile site followed, using normal web analytics.

These techniques are another tool for the marketing communications toolbox and a useful way of keeping track of the increasing influence of mobile communications. As always the trick is understanding how and when to use it and ensure that you are taking meaningful metrics.