Project Description

Sales Incentive Program

SCA has an all-female team participating in the Volvo Ocean Race and to tie-in with this prestigious event, SCA Tork is running a sales incentive programme promoting its key product lines. Under the campaign theme “Under any working conditions”; reflecting the gruelling challenges of the race and the tough environments where SCA Tork products can be relied on to perform, Centigrade created key tools to support the programme.

For the incentive, participants collect Tork Miles that they can exchange for vouchers and gifts. Like the women of the SCA Ocean Race team the campaign also features heroes in the form of the SCA Tork products with sales of the top “hero” products receiving additional points as part of the campaign. The campaign is coordinated through a central website where participants can check their total points and redeem these in an online shop.

As well as developing the overall concept, Centigrade created the campaign visual together with the design of the central website and production of the sales support material for all the product ranges; all of these in multiple languages for the European market.