Project Description

Putting Life into a ‘Me-Too’ Product
Power supplies can be more or less boring products. To many, brand may not matter since power supplies often fulfill a similar end result in terms of supplying machines with the correct voltage and amperes.

It’s a bit like buying petrol for your car – does it really matter what brand it is? You probably want the cheapest, unless you get something as a reward.

Our challenge was to create awareness and sales of OMRON Power Supplies by targeting end users and distributors in an initial launch with a later rollout in eight languages across Europe.

Centigrade developed a three-step DM promotion for OMRON. The first phase contained a brochure and a “counting bottle opener” with the message that the sales teams would bring a pack of free energy drinks if they could visit. After placing a sufficient order, customers enjoyed the added reward of a branded office mini fridge.

Soon after the campaign started, we had a request to deliver 21 fridges. Cheers!