Project Description

Employee Video Engagement

To increase awareness and engagement in advance of NXP’s  annual Employee Engagement Survey, Centigrade built on the theme of the previous year encouraging interaction with employees. Centigrade developed a special video app to record the input of NXP Employees on how they viewed various aspects of their work.  Ten tablets were specially installed with the app and distributed to NXP locations across the world. The tablets themselves were also part of campaign as they were given away at the end of the campaign to the employees with the best videos.

During the second phase of the campaign a specially adapted version of the Android app was released to all staff so that they could also participate with their own devices.

The app took the user through a simple introduction video and then invited them to answer 1 of 4 random questions about various aspects of their work at NXP. Once they were happy with their answers the videos were automatically uploaded to a central site where they were reviewed by NXP Employee Communications. The best videos were selected and posted to the NXP intranet with regular updates posted to all employees. Over 120 videos were featured and the Employee Engagement Survey enjoyed a record 97% participation rate.