Project Description

Multilingual Awareness Campaign

NXP’s Code of Conduct sets out the values that guide employees’ behaviour.

This is an important subject affecting all staff for CSR, commercial and legal reasons, covering how colleagues treat each other and also bribery and corruption issues.

Centigrade created a multilingual poster campaign, supported by business cards also carrying the key message. The campaign was custom packaged to HR contacts and rolled out across NXP facilities across the world.

The campaign imagery was designed to stand out among other general announcements on NXP noticeboards and information areas and was supported with a series of business cards. These included the contact information of NXP’s independent whistle-blower distributed in an eye-catching POS style holder.

The campaign of 5 posters and accompanying business cards was produced by Centigrade in 17 languages including: Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions, Japanese, Thai and Tagalog. Over 300 versions and almost 15,000 individual items were produced and delivered to 20 NXP facilities worldwide.