Project Description

Inaugural North American Winter Accademia

It’s 2:00 a.m. in Aspen, Colorado; the cell phone alarm rings – time to get up and go to the track!  Centigrade is executing the first-ever North American Winter Accademia for our client Automobili Lamborghini. This event is an all-inclusive ice driving school and lifestyle weekend for 60 of Lamborghini’s most loyal clients, and coincidently, it happens to be hosted in the midst of the Colorado Rockies’ warmest winter in more than 60 years…

Over the six days prior to the event, during the darkest and coldest hours of the night, the team crafted a surface that was worthy of Lamborghini’s 700 hp supercars. Local snowcats were brought off the slopes of Aspen Mountain to push snow and prep the track surface, more than 100,000 gallons of water were trucked in and laid on the track’s surface to create a solid layer of ice that could withstand the warm midday temperatures, and countless shovelfuls of snow were hand-packed meticulously on the most sensitive of the hairpin corners.

Alongside the ice driving, guests enjoyed world-class hospitality and accommodations at Viceroy Snowmass hotel. Centigrade created custom invitation pieces, an online registration system and a personal one-on-one concierge service. The team took special attention to ensure that Lamborghini’s brand was evident throughout the experience, including hotel wall art and custom-built wooden gift boxes filled with hand-picked local items. Centigrade created an environment that was both on-brand for the client and inviting for the participating guests.