Project Description

In the era of technology and vehicle connectivity, our goal was to promote the Hagerty brand as experts in using classic cars as a tool for taking a digital detox among primarily non-endemic media. Additionally, we wanted to position CEO McKeel Hagerty’s extensive experiences in digital detox travels as a valuable resource on how classic cars can play a major role in creating a stress-relieving trip and how disconnecting can lead to truer more important connections.

Centigrade carefully reviewed national media outlets which cover more than just the automotive subject matter. Using third party media resource tools, Centigrade developed a custom list of potential outlets covering subjects matters of lifestyle, travel, broadcast, technology, etc.  Centigrade also researched digital detox statistics to further support the argument of the importance of disconnecting for one’s psychological health, ability to reflect and reconnect with what’s truly important to them.

In addition to securing an interview for CEO McKeel Hagerty with Bloomberg to discuss his experiences in digital detox travels and the importance of disconnecting, the writer of the piece, Hannah Elliott, also participated in a digital detox in a 1960 Cadillac El Dorado so she could truly partake in the experience. Her takeaway? “… the opposite of what modern automakers market us to believe: The cars with less technology actually make you more connected to the road, and more connected to the people around you.” With a potential audience reach of 22,050,039, the full Bloomberg article can be found here.

Photo credit: Louis Mandelbaum and Hannah Elliott