Project Description

Customer Events Boost Brand Exposure

Flexjet, experts in private aviation, provides a diverse portfolio of whole aircraft management, fractional ownership and jet card services. Centigrade assisted with the development and execution of customer events designed to increase consideration and preference among highly targeted, affluent prospects for Flexjet’s collection of programme aircraft and customised luxury amenities.

Centigrade created an experiential plan of industry, lifestyle and partnership events focused on efficient, effective and strategic alignment with the Flexjet brand. We targeted existing and prospective private jet travelers in relevant environments where Flexjet could promote the features, advantages and benefits of its programs.

We created a unique space, approach or sponsorship activity within these environments to capture attention and boost brand exposure. Examples include a range of targeted events throughout the year including Auction Napa Valley and key Concours d’Elegance events at Amelia Island and Pebble Beach. Centigrade’s support included guest management, event activation and creative execution.