Project Description

The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) first exhibited on the National Mall.
The Exhibit, “An Automotive Heritage Celebration,” featured 10 automobiles, one per decade from the 1890s to the 1980s.
Base on the positive response from both the media as well as the general public, HVA began planning for their second Cars at the Capital exhibition.

Cars at the Capital – Theme
Based on the 24-7 media coverage of the Presidential Primaries taking place nationally, HVA took the decision to theme the second Cars the Capital exhibition “Presidential Cars on the National Mall.”

Unlike the earlier exhibit featuring ten automobiles, an exhibit featuring just two vehicles limits potential media interest in covering the story.

Centigrade carefully reviewed national and regional media outlets that covered more than just automotive subject matter. Using third party media resource tools, Centigrade developed a custom list of potential outlets including such subject matter as: heritage, history, museums, Washington D.C., Smithsonian, etc.  Centigrade also provide information about the exhibit to local and regional “events” publications to ensure that the exhibit was included in various calendars targeting visitors to the National Mall and D.C. Centigrade also worked with Heritage Museums and Gardens of Sandwich, Mass., which owns the 1909 White Steam Car, in developing a custom media list for NE Regional media outlets.

The opening ceremony attracted hundreds of guests and the general public. Senator Gary Peters, (D-MI) provided opening remarks followed by Mark Gessler, HVA President. ABC, CBS, NBNC and Fox covered the exhibit and opening ceremony. Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Detroit Free press and USA Today provided online and print coverage. Overall the release was found on over 200 websites, with a potential audience of 89, 319, 817 visitors per day.

President Taft –
President Reagan –