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Centigrade Forbo Allura

Detail & Teamwork meets Timing & Agility

Forbo Allura Collection 2020

If it’s flooring, it’s Forbo: Centigrade client and leading manufacturer of residential and commercial flooring systems with 16 distinct ranges including carpet, vinyl, tiles, flocked and safety constructions. One of these systems, the Allura Collection, has a new offering for 2020. That’s where Centigrade comes in.

Incredible detail, organization and planning and collaboration with multiple stakeholders — just another day at the Centigrade office. This time, we get to run a beautiful project involving a multitude of options, colours and styles, sizes, designs and constructions, captured in a range of six sample books, with booklets and brochures all bundled with a 92-page general brochure for the Allura Collection.

Not a simple task by any means, and one made more complex by the requirement of specialist photography in over 32 location shots with 25 different studio sets. This being Centigrade, of course, we were delighted with the opportunity to flex our organizational muscle and see the project to its successful conclusion.

Vincent Carree, Account Executive, takes up the story. “Allura is Forbo’s most diverse collection, with a huge range of designs and textures, different thicknesses, backing types, and fixing systems. Our planning task was immense, for us to show the scale and diversity of Allura involved multiple photoshoots and studio setups. Running the project meant working closely with the client, external suppliers, and our studio team, and being on hand to manage the parallel processes involved in keeping the whole thing running smoothly. Teamwork and timing were key, attention to detail and of course, that Centigrade agility that comes from years of experience in running complex projects.”

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A Strong Start — International Style

Cromax Basecoat Campaign

Applying regional differences to international campaigns normally involves “just” language versions. But when you want to hit home with targeted messages, sometimes you have to go a little deeper. Consider this example from Cromax, an Axalta Coating Systems brand.

Depending where you’re reading this, your morning routine might involve a nice cup of tea, a mug of coffee, or a delicious espresso. It’s one of the regional variations that make our multicultural world the wonderful place that it is. The geographical spread of garages using leading basecoat Cromax takes in multiple countries – and breakfast routines. So we stretched our ‘Strong Start’ concept to cover all bases, delivering a menu of options for country managers involved in the campaign.

For Oliver Hannak, Account Director, it was all about managing requirements and expectations. “A client with such a wide geographical spread has many senior stakeholders, and we were involved in the discussion at country level. Working with clear expectations and budget, we were able to create a key visual that was approved by all parties. Then our creative team worked to customise the visual to appeal directly to regional audiences. Liaising with stakeholders to manage approvals and sign-off, ensuring the artwork and variations were in order, this was where the fine art of Account Management really comes into play.”

Centigrade Cromax Basecoat
Centigrade Cromax Basecoat
Centigrade Cromax Basecoat

Communicating Luxury

Genesis GV80 Press Conference

Korean luxury automotive brand, Genesis, debuted their first SUV offering to world media in mid-January. In order to ensure global communications consistency, Centigrade was engaged to assist with visual, written and spoken communications via a remote support team and onsite staffing in Seoul. Centigrade will continue to offer PR and communications counsel as the car makes its upcoming North American debut and sales launch later in 2020.

Centigrade Genesis GV80 Press Conference

Proper Road Use Starts with Proper Roads

Eurobitume LCI Report & H2S Safety Card

Roads: We use them every day without thinking, a key part of our infrastructure and the literal foundation of our journeys to work. A lot of work goes into making them, which means a lot of bitumen has to be made. Handling the proper manufacture of this essential component involves clear communication, starting from the ground up.

Centigrade client Eurobitume is the voice of European producers of bitumen, promoting the efficient, effective and safe use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications. Eurobitume’s remit involves keeping member companies informed of the latest science and handling regulations, as well as communicating with outside parties, including national official bodies, consultants, and universities. This recently involved a new report detailing the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) of bitumen manufacture.

With 48 pages covering technical aspects of manufacture and handling, from crude oil extraction data and distillation processes to energy use, storage and handling processes, the report is an in-depth study of bitumen charting its journey from oil rig to A-road. Centigrade brought together the charts and data, findings and conclusions into an easy-to-navigate overview for bitumen producers, their customers and stakeholders. We were responsible for ensuring the cover design and inside layout reflected the authority of the report, as well as confirming the technical accuracy was in line with approved sources.

Words straight from the heart

An offshoot project was run concurrently to the LCI Report – the H₂S Safety Card. A hazardous gas, Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) is present in bitumen handling and requires important safety precautions. Centigrade created a handy, pocket-sized guide for operators handling bitumen, clearly outlining key safety requirements for preventing exposure to H₂S.

Words straight from the heart