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AXALTA Makes the Impossible, possible

Axalta patented technology used in Cromax, Standox and Spies Hecker premium refinish systems; the only systems to dry at temperatures as low as 20°C.

New high-impact campaign for low-energy car paint refinish system

Today’s bodyshops are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality refinishing work at faster rates. As a leader in refinishing products, systems and technologies, Axalta is always looking for ways to increase bodyshop throughput, reduce energy consumption and job time for its customers. And Centigrade is always on hand to help increase awareness of Axalta innovations in the market.

The latest Axalta development – a unique patented technology that delivers previously impossible performance – is incorporated in the premium refinish systems from Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox. These premium systems combine higher throughput with lower energy costs, with no compromise on quality of finish. Bodyshops using the systems can reduce application process times by up to 50%, adapting their focus for speed and cost efficiency according to their day-to-day needs. Centigrade was responsible for communicating the benefits of the new Axalta technology and the three systems using it.

Coordinated creativity

From a communications perspective, the Axalta low-energy campaign was a large creative project. The Centigrade team had to combine complex positioning of Axalta’s patented refinish technology together with the actual refinish systems from Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox. With the payoff “we’re redefining what’s possible in refinishing”, we created Axalta Refinish EMEA’s first technology focused advert. As well a range of diverse deliverables and assets for the Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox brands. All implemented in 15 languages.

“This project is a true symbol of a talented team effort, from the first creative spark and detailed DTP work, through to the multiple deliverables in printwork, websites, video and social media.”  This was the post-launch verdict from our very own Oliver Hannak, the newest member of the Centigrade team. Based in our Eindhoven office, Axalta’s Impossible | Possible project was Account Director Oliver’s first major project. “It was a fantastic learning experience with a solid team,” says Oliver, “and a great opportunity to impress our client with on-message communications at every level.”

What’s Cool?


Along with Art Director Johan Heesterbeek, Account Executive Vincent Carree took the lead when Lapinus asked for support in showing prospects the benefits of its Rockflow and Rockdelta portfolios. “One product absorbs and manages water, the other absorbs the ground-vibration from passing trains,” explains Vincent. “Both help prevent and minimize environmental damage, and both use Lapinus fibres in innovative ways.” Centigrade was tasked with finding a way to highlight the actions and benefits of Rockwool and Rockdelta, in a compelling and informative way. Says Vincent, “We wanted to show what happens beneath the ground, without actually digging up layers of completed work. And for Rockdelta, we needed to develop ideas for an upcoming exhibition.”

With limitations on stand size and budget, there was little chance of building a model of the underground layering (though a scale model of a train was installed on the stand for context). “The Centigrade creative team got to work on finding the most effective and cost-efficient way of delivering memorable messaging for Lapinus.” recalls Vincent. They looked at the tools and methods that were available, and finally found that the best tool for the job was actually…  an iPad.  “This project was a perfect candidate for Augmented Reality,” says Vincent. “Showing depth under a flat surface was the first step, then showing the scale and multiple layers involved in a Lapinus installation. In all, three Rockwool scenarios had to be programmed, and two Rockflow. I worked with the AR team, co-ordinating client requirements and researching the best ways to showcase the innovative solutions from Lapinus.”

The client reaction?Stand visitors were enthusiastic and receptive when they got a hands-on demonstration. It is one thing to show a static diagram of our products, but being able to show a virtual ‘in-situ’ model, it takes marketing to a new level,” said Lapinus.


“Ground-breaking” technology: users can see Lapinus products in situ, layer by layer, without breaking the surface.

Connecting 1,000 miles and our Bugatti-driving client

The ‘water table’ as you’ve never seen it before. The Lapinus Augmented Reality App projects a virtual scale model of a water management installation onto any flat surface.

Connecting 1,000 miles and our Bugatti-driving client

The original reference images from Lapinus used to build the AR framework.

Sailing the ocean blue (or any colour you choose)

  A breath of fresh air: clean, open brochure design for Imron Marine Coatings

A sea-change in palette potential with Imron Marine Coatings

Imron Marine Coatings gives clients the chance to stand out from the crowd at the marina, with an unlimited colour range for boats and yachts. “The standard colour for marine vessels is white,” explains Tom Fincham, Centigrade Art Director, “but the Imron product offer opens up a full spectrum of choice.” Whether it’s a small touch up or a complete re-spray, Imron Marine Coatings is positioned as the single source of superior finishing materials for above-the-waterline coating needs.

“We were asked to create the brochure and associated materials for the brand,” says Tom. “Using existing photography, we had to show a selection of what is possible, without crowding the design with repetitive shots. So I took inspiration from the (parent company) Axalta logo, combining its curves with the sweeping arcs of the boats’ hulls and the breaking waves.” This thoughtful design choice enabled a brochure layout with the right ratio of breathing space for product information and hero shots.

Sailing the ocean blue (or any colour you choose)

Consistent communications: a certificate of proficiency for the Imron Marine Coatings brand

Sailing the ocean blue (or any colour you choose)

Flying the flag for clean design: a roll-up banner shows the clear connection to the sweeping curves of the parent company Axalta logo.

GXE Gains National Coverage

To secure national coverage at a prestigious and well-known event for automotive enthusiasts, Centigrade advised Genovation Cars to enter the 22nd-annual Greenwich Concours d’Elegance with its GXE all-electric supercar. Centigrade approached CNN with the opportunity to interview Andrew Saul, President of Genovation Cars, and members of his team.

CNN accepted, and the successful interview led to an exclusive first-drive opportunity of the GXE. The expanded interview on, which was a first-impression driving experience of the GXE, has garnered over 600,000 views to date. Based on CNN’s reporting, other outlets have reached out to interview Mr. Saul and drive the GXE. [+]

Words straight from the heart
Words straight from the heart