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Centigrade Genesis Naia

Genesis Celebrates NAIAS

How should a brand properly mark a year of awards and recognition garnered from industry analysts, customers, and media? By throwing an exclusive blowout among friends and colleagues, and by sharing the wins with those who made them happen. Over the last 12 months, the Genesis PR team, supported by Centigrade, devoted months of hard work and countless hours of preparation to launching the 2019 G70 luxury sport sedan. The commitment paid off: At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, G70 was named 2019 North American Car of the YearTM, following its recognition as Motor Trend Car of the Year and a Car and Driver 10Best awardee.

To recognize the awards and celebrate appropriately, Centigrade organized a party in Detroit for Genesis that featured Grammy-nominated Aloe Blacc and local icon DJ Captn20. The guest list for the event held at historic Cliff Bell’s in downtown Detroit included Genesis executives, industry leaders, media, and friends of the brand.

At a time when other luxury automakers pulled out of the Detroit auto show, Genesis doubled down on its commitment—cementing its reputation for holding professional events that bring together the entire industry. The event was a smashing success, both in the eyes of Genesis executives and the guests in attendance, and it created a new challenge: Can Genesis top it in the future? With Centigrade’s guidance, there’s no doubt that Genesis parties will keep getting even better.

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Advertising agility in India with Monroe Intelligent Suspension

Adapting a western message for a developing world market
India is in the top 5 of global car manufacturing countries, with latest figures showing more than 200 million registered cars spread across its 2 million km road system. The region is also the world’s most dangerous for drivers, with less than half of its roads properly surfaced and much of it poorly maintained. Add to this the seasonal disruption from monsoon weather, major congestion issues in and around cities, and a picture emerges of a uniquely challenging market for Western automotive accessory suppliers. How to adapt the messaging of a western product to target the needs of Indian drivers, without changing the product or its branding?

Enter Tenneco, manufacturer of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension (MIS) system, recently adopted by Mercedes Benz G-Class and positioned as the “Sixth Sense for your Drive”. MIS is available in 6 system variations, the most advanced of which can sense and adapt to the road and driving conditions 100 times per second. The Dual Mode variation offers a twin profile driving experience – sport and comfort – and the task for Centigrade was tailoring this offer to the Indian market.

Enter the Tiger
For Leen Schodts and her creative team, the challenge was a case of cultural adaptation. “Monroe is a global brand, with a strong reputation for quality and performance both in OE and aftermarket products. To trigger the Indian market, we had to find a way to distil the brand’s messaging and package it in a way that protected these brand assets.” The solution: harness the image of a national symbol, the Bengal Tiger. “It is a symbol that resonates on a number of levels,” explains Leen. “The tiger is an incredibly agile animal, able to adapt to any terrain. It is also a distinctively Indian icon, and we were able to link it with the Monroe brand in a distinctive and relevant advert for the local press and online audiences.”

As ever, tight deadlines and fast turnaround was involved, with the end result back to the client and onto the presses in record time.

Connecting 1,000 miles and our Bugatti-driving client
Tork wins with hygiene and brand awareness

Put your hands together:
Tork wins with hygiene and brand awareness

It started as a straightforward reprint of a hand hygiene brochure for client Tork. It ended with a front-cover endorsement from a World Health Organization initiative. Vincent Carree was the Account Manager for the project. “We were asked to handle a multi-language print run, something we are often asked for by clients,” explains Vincent. “Our graphic arts studio inspected the files that were heading to the printer, and found the logo for the Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS) logo was quite low resolution. Even though originally it was quite a small logo, discreetly placed on page 7 of the 12-page brochure, we wanted everything to be perfect. So we made some calls.”

The presses were put on hold, while a high-res file was sourced from the WHO. Says Vincent, “naturally the WHO wanted to see the document we planned to place their logo in. And in the end, they actually agreed to have their logo placed not just on page 7, but right on the front cover, right beside the Tork logo. This was a great coup for our client, and came as a direct result of our attention to detail. It’s something we’re pretty proud of, taking a reprint to the next level like this.”

Centigrade - Tork wins with hygiene and brand awareness

All-natural branding for a family of 3

Friendly packaging for Herbavita dairy herd supplements

Over 160 billion litres of dairy milk are produced in Europe each year, and maintaining herd health and productivity is top of mind for the 300,000 people directly involved in the industry. For companies serving the farms with animal feed and supplements, competition is fierce. So, when livestock supplement producer Herbavita asked Centigrade to produce entirely new packaging and labelling, we knew it would be an interesting challenge.

“Herbavita is a well-established player in the industry,” explains Vincent Carree, Account Manager responsible for the project. “Their products are well known, their brand identity and logo already very familiar to customers. So, our art directors and designers weren’t given a blank slate. They had to create a product family identity that fitted well with existing products, brochures and literature, yet stood out from competitors’ products, and communicated the 100% natural positioning of the 3-product range.”

Centigrade - Friendly packaging for Herbavita dairy herd supplementsCentigrade - Friendly packaging for Herbavita dairy herd supplements

Herbavita Herbadry Brochure

Happy herd, happy client
Challenge accepted, work began on bringing a fresh look to the package design and bottle labels for the as calving, lactosing and dry period management products HerbaMas, Rumiform Energy and HerbaDry. “A pasture-green colour palette was the foundation,” says Vincent, “with three distinct additional tones to differentiate the products. A neutral outdoors background gave the labels a light blue tone that increased label readability, and for each label, our designers specified a friendly handwritten font for the product name.”

The result: an approachable, friendly face for products with 100% natural ingredients. The clear and clean design helps Herbavita products stand out in a sector that is more often associated with a clinical, matter-of-fact approach. “We introduced color-coding and pictograms in the designs,” says Vincent, “while maintaining the look and feel that this is one family of products. It makes it easy to handle for the farmer in day-to-day use as well as helping him manage his stock inventory.” Now available for farmers across Europe, the new packaging has delighted the client. “We had a great response from Herbavita,” says Vincent, “and we look forward to doing more great work with them in the near future.”

Words straight from the heart
Words straight from the heart
Words straight from the heart