Centigrade - Forbo Eternal Photography, Sample Books, Brochures and Video

Flooring the Competition with Forbo Eternal

Eternal is one of Forbo’s most versatile vinyl floorings. Centigrade was given responsibility for the complete advertising of the product range. Starting with location and studio photography, the project included image colour management as well as design and production of the sample books and brochures. Centigrade was also tasked with creating a concept for a ‘day in the life of Eternal’ video, stills of which would be used in the brochures and sample books. This ensured a single look and feel across the various media used in the campaign.

The video follows two people, alternatively, throughout the course of a day, taking the viewer with them in their everyday life through different scenes. Each scene shows a different environment where Eternal flooring is applicable such as retail, office, leisure, etc. Since it’s about flooring, most of the production was shot from a low angle, giving a memorable perspective to the video while focusing on both the product and its use

Deliverables: location and studio photography, colour management, design of the sample books, video, the brochures and photo booklets plus several language versions.

Realised in: September

Year in review 2019