Centigrade - CAT Magazine

Ongoing Dealer Loyalty: Cat Magazine

For nearly 20 years we have worked with Caterpillar to create, develop and distribute their much-loved Cat Magazine. This compelling marketing support tool for EAME Cat dealers has a proven “track record”, reaching customers and prospects in 57 countries and in 22 languages. Up to 70,000 printed copies are distributed thrice annually, backed by online version for digital readers and Android / iOS for mobile.

Designed to engage, inform and help drive sales, Cat Magazine is customized by individual region / issue with a balance of corporate, regional and localised content. Written and edited by Centigrade, it also contains interviews and original photography from on-site visits for lead articles. The English Master is managed through a central protected portal where dealers preview, translate and customise local versions, as well as determine their own print run and logistics.

Realised in: January

Year in review 2019