Centigrade - Cars at the Capital

Making History in Washington with Unique Cars at the Capital

Working closely with the Historic Vehicle Association, Centigrade participated in the vehicle selection process, pitched local print and broadcast media, engaged with the Washington Automotive Press Association, pre and post press release, media alerts and organized onsite interviews. The Historic Vehicle Association presented the two iconic cars of the 1960s on the National Mall in Washington D.C. These two vehicles will be added to the National Historic Vehicle Register:

Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean’s 1969 Corvette Stingray
The fourth human to walk on the moon, Alan Bean along with his two Apollo 12 colleagues, leased identical custom painted Corvettes that the drove to the space station every day.

1966 Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon owned by Esau and Janie B. Jenkins
Esau and Janie B Jenkins were pioneers before and during the Civil Rights Movement. They dedicated their lives to providing opportunities and hope to the people in their community.

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