Centigrade - Adding new Colour to the Blend

Partner Event Adds New Colour to the Cromax Blend

The Cromax Training Centre (CTC) in Mechelen, Belgium is the busiest meeting point for the Cromax brand. Here, trainers are trained, and partners are provided a hands-on experience. For the 2019 partner event, Centigrade was asked to propose and execute a plan which brings the core messages of Cromax closer to the CTC visitors. Designs were created in alignment with the existing themes of the CTC chambers, with additional Cromax red to the present blend. The selected concepts were then applied on carriers, which do not have an intrusive structure and can easily be updated.

Deliverables: Decotex wall designs in various sizes, framed posters, paint area-stickers in various sizes.

Realised in: May

Year in review 2019