Video testimonial

Testimonials from end-customers are a powerful way of communicating your brand story and Centigrade is helping tell the Cromax brand story through an on-going series of video interviews with Cromax's end-users from across Europe. These Straight from the Heart stories tell the end-users' in their own words how they experience the products and services that Cromax delivers. For each video, Centigrade develops a storyline and interview script for each case based on input from the local Cromax sales offices, their distributors and end-customers. The script covers the various topics where Cromax has helped the end-customer and Centigrade takes care of the production including filming, photography, story development, transcription, editing, and eventual subtitling in 11 languages. The complete stories are available on the Cromax website across the EMEA region. The format is also being considered by the Asian region. So far the series has covered end-customers from France, German, Switzerland with a Spanish story in post-production. A Dutch case is also currently in pre-production.