​NXP Sustainability

Communicating on Health, Safety and Environment

Marketing Communications, Electronic

Toro Lynx GAC video mailer

Product promotion with self-running video

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Marking milestones, building the brand

Marketing Communications, Digital, Electronic

International Newsletter

Content Management System streamlines international newsletter

Content Marketing, Marketing Communications, Digital, Chemical

Thought Leaders Talk

Special magazine featuring the NXP Management team

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Marketing Communications, Creative, Electronic

Cat Magazine

Customisable Dealer Magazine Reaches an International Audience

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The New NXP

Employee communications support around merger

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Luke Vandezande

Luke Vandezande is an Account Supervisor at Centigrade. Born in New York City, and living in Toronto for eight years, Luke now calls Detroit home. Luke has a Bachelor of Journalism and managed a...

Public Relations Automotive, Luxury, Retail
Centigrade - Breitling Hosts Unique Day of Aviation - Jet Team

Breitling Hosts Unique Day of Aviation

Centigrade PR on-site to support with premium media

Public Relations, Luxury, Retail



Marketing Communications, Manufacturing
Centigrade - HVA - 300 SL


Historic Vehicle Association Adds Special Car to National Historic Vehicle Register

Public Relations, Automotive
Centigrade - Alfa Romeo - Amelia Island 2015 Display

Alfa Romeo Amelia Island 2015

Centigrade Welcomes Alfa Romeo as New Client

Events, Creative, Automotive, Luxury
Centigrade - Alfa Romeo - Amelia Island 2015 Display

Alfa Romeo Amelia Island 2015

Centigrade Welcomes Alfa Romeo as New Client

Events, Creative, Automotive, Luxury
Centigrade - International Paper Tearstrip - Landingpage

Easy opening system for paper reams

International Paper Tearstrip Campaign

Digital, Industrial
Centigrade - NXP in Lighting - Lighting Application 1

NXP in Lighting

Positioning Material for NXP Power & Lighting

Creative, Marketing Communications, Electronic
Centigrade Lamborghini Winter Accademia Yellow Huracan

Lamborghini on Ice

Inaugural North American Winter Accademia

Brand Development, Events, Entertainment Marketing, Automotive
Centigrade - Lamborghini Esperienza Houston 2014 - Colorful Cars

Lamborghini Esperienza Program 2014

An Enjoyable Ride for Track Enthusiasts

Events, Automotive, Motorsport, Luxury
Centigrade - Alcantara Fashion Show 2014 - Catwalk

Alcantara Lifestyle 2014

Making a Bold Design Statement in Los Angeles

Events, Public Relations, Fashion
Centigrade - Audi Pebble Beach 2014 - Exhibit

Audi Pebble Beach 2014

Experience the Evolution of Luxury

Events, Automotive
Centigrade - NXP RF for a Smarter World - Earth

RF For a Smarter World

Aligning RF Business Lines With New Corporate Positioning

Creative, Marketing Communications, Electronic
Alexis Wickman

Alexis Wickman

Alexis is part of the Detroit Program Managing team and works on daily account coordination, event planning (her favorite!) and event support. She is an integral part of our Lamborghini Super Trofeo...

Events Motorsport
Centigrade - Hagerty - Collector Car Appreciation Day Roller Blades

Hagerty Classic Car Magazine Celebrates Collector Car Appreciation Day

Historic Pricing at Vintage-Themed Gas Station on Michigan's Woodward Avenue

Public Relations, Events, Automotive, Insurance
Centigrade - NXP HR Mission Launch Pack - The Whole Pack

NXP Human Resources

HR Mission Launch Pack

Creative, Electronic
Centigrade - HVA Cars at the Capital - 1964 Meyers Manx "Old Red"

HVA Cars at the Capital

First-Ever Automotive Heritage Event at the National Mall in D.C.

Public Relations, Events, Automotive
Centigrade - NXP Video to Introduce Key Communication Themes - Video

Engaging Worldwide NXP Employees

Video introducing key communication themes

Marketing Communications, Digital, Electronic
Centigrade - Lamborghini Huracán Preview Tour 2014

Lamborghini Huracán Preview Tour 2014

Introducing the Huracán in North American

Events, Automotive, Luxury
Centigrade - McIntosh at Amelia Island 2014 - Guests with Sound System

McIntosh at Amelia Island

Official Sound Sponsor of The Concours d'Elegance

Events, Luxury, Electronic, Retail
Centigrade - NXP Employee Engagement - Mobile Site

NXP Employee Engagement

Poster Campaign with a Mobile Connection

Creative, Marketing Communications, Electronic
Centigrade - Chicago Auto Show 2014 - Social Media Press Conference

Chicago Auto Show

Centigrade Helps Increase Awareness

Public Relations, Automotive
Centigrade - Axalta Cromax Brand Launch - Mansion

Axalta Cromax Brand Launch

We Make Your Business Shine

Events, Creative, Chemical
Centigrade - Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2013 - Flags

Lamborghini Super Trofeo 2013

North American Launch of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Race Series

CRM, Events, Strategy and Research, Automotive, Motorsport
Centigrade - Lamborghini Esperienza 2013 - Red Car

Lamborghini Esperienza 2013

Squadra Corse Program Arrives in the U.S.

CRM, Digital, Events, Automotive, Luxury, Motorsport
Centigrade - Bentley Motors Home of Bentley 2013 - Home with Car

Bentley Motors Home of Bentley 2013

A Unique Lifestyle Experience at Pebble Beach

Events, Creative, Automotive, Luxury
Centigrade - Breitling Jetman at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - Sky

Jetman Powered by Breitling

Yves “Jetman” Rossy Wows Aviation Enthusiasts at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Events, Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Luxury, Retail, Aviation
Centigrade - Lamborghini Pre Grande Giro 2013 - Driving

Lamborghini Pre Grande Giro 2013

Europe in One Week, Lamborghini After 50 Years

Events, Public Relations, Automotive, Luxury
Centigrade - Penfolds At The Helm Events - Winners

Penfolds "At the Helm"

Private Events with Team Oracle USA's Chief Helmsman, Jimmy Spithill

Events, Marketing Communications, Strategy and Research, Food/Beverage

Year of Audi

Harnessing the Power of a 90+ Million Audience Through an Integrated Campaign

Creative, CRM, Digital, Marketing Communications, Advertising, Automotive, Luxury

Audi Owner Magazine

Exclusive Owner Magazine Captures the Essence of the Brand

Advertising, CRM, Marketing Communications, Automotive
Centigrade - Bentley Kidston Club - Website Login Page

Bentley Kidston Club

Using Brand Heritage to Inspire Today’s Brand Custodians

Digital, Strategy and Research, Creative, Web Design and Development, Automotive
Centigrade - Bombardier Regional e-Newsletters - Events Page

Bombardier Regional e-Newsletters

Connecting to Customers and Prospects Around the Globe

CRM, Digital, Marketing Communications, Email Marketing, Aviation
Kevin Fisher

Kevin Fisher

Kevin is a luxury brand building and communications leader. That’s what makes him such an outstanding Account Director. From Maserati and Yokohama to Volvo, Ford and Infiniti, he brings more than 10...

Public Relations, Strategy and Research Automotive, Luxury
Julie Barnard

Julie Barnard

British born, American based (in our Detroit office) and international by design, Julie is one of the key members of Centigrade. Not only is she a leader who builds brands using a unique combination...

Advertising, Events, Marketing Communications, Sponsorship Luxury
Centigrade - ScanSource Minus 38 - Your Hotel is Being Designed

ScanSource Minus 38

Direct Approach to Supporting a Sales Drive

CRM, Digital, Marketing Communications, Electronic
Centigrade - OMRON Power Supplies - Range of Power Supplies

OMRON Power Supplies

Putting Life into a ‘Me-Too’ Product

Digital, Marketing Communications, Electronic
Centigrade - Knauf USG Systems Aquapanel Investor Advertising - Board

Knauf USG Systems

AQUAPANEL® Investor Advertising

Advertising, Manufacturing
Centigrade - Knauf Perlite Swimming Pool Mailing Action - Brochure

Knauf Perlite

Swimming Pool Mailing Action

Marketing Communications, Manufacturing
Centigrade - Forbo Inspirational Brochure - Brochure

Forbo Inspirational Brochure

Reinventing a Product Image for a New Generation

Marketing Communications, Manufacturing