Brian Kotulis
Brian Kotulis
Art Director
+1 248 430 8010

As an Art Director, Brian says his job is to, “lead the creative team on grand quests of clever resolution for our illustrious clients.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And sure enough, he’s done just that. Brian’s client portfolio boasts of no fewer than 80 different clients, from small one-person enterprises to global companies. Included in that list are Audi of America, Bentley Motors, Bombardier, Notté Cosmetics, Bugatti, General Motors, Lamborghini, MGM Grand Casino, Visteon and the NFL’s Detroit Lions.
Of his many career highlights, Brian is most proud of his two children with his wife of 13+ years Elizabeth. The eldest daughter is a talented soccer player, artist and budding scientist; his younger son is an avid engineer, artist and puzzle-solver. But his second-best body of work was on behalf of Breitling's 2012 Navitimer Cosmonaut Event in honor of U.S. Astronaut, Scott Carpenter, one of America's great legends. 
Brian earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Illustration Major at the College for Creative Studies in 2001. He speaks English, a lot of Geek, a little Nerd and some Elvish. When not masterminding creative crusades, he can be found drawing in a dark corner, running half-marathons with his wife or hugging his children until their faces go all funny. A great collector of comic books and pop culture, he admits to owning a sonic screwdriver and trying at least once to open his car doors with it.
He was born in Royal Oak, Michigan and is a member of the Society of Illustrators (New York), the Adcraft Club of Detroit and an unofficial member of the Lizard People. (He drew a badge and everything).