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23 Oct 2014
Digital Improvement

Explained by Digital Strategist, Robin Moore

Centigrade's director of digital strategy Robin Moore masterminded the term 'digital improvement' to describe how businesses can incur more value and return from incremental change and marginal gains in their digital channels. "It’s what I am all about," he says. In this in-depth interview, the award-winning digital specialist talks about how he and the digital team at Centigrade work with businesses to help them improve digital capability with 'digital improvement'. He has imparted his expertise and insight to high profile brands and B2B businesses across the globe including Lamborghini, Bentley, NXP, Circle Research, Seko, Secom and ToolBank, to name a few.

Part one: What is digital improvement?
'Digital improvement' is a phrase that you have coined and a philosophy and practice that you have masterminded. What do you mean by 'digital improvement'?
"In my world all improvements need to be measured"
It's the combined, collective effect of small incremental improvements to create marginal gains in digital channels. It's a high level or helicopter view of individual enhancements and improvements that come together to create a larger or shift trend. It starts with theory at the beginning and should be measured at the end.
Why is there a trend towards companies adopting digital strategies as key part of their core business and recruiting key digital senior staff, like digital managers and CDOs?
"The cornerstone of thinking is becoming digital"
We are seeing online and in the press that large end clients, plc's and management consulting firms supporting those firms are moving in this direction with a series of appointments of senior digital personnel. It just shows that companies are taking things more seriously in the digital space and having more general conversations about online. Digital is now the centrepiece of various campaigns and customer initiatives.

We are no longer hearing about big companies setting up new marketing initiatives and thinking about digital afterwards. Digital is all embodied in the campaign thinking and often it will be the starting point. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP summed it up well when he said: “Creative does not just reside with the creators. It can also come from the data people".
When I first started in digital, it was an add-on to someone else's campaign from a creative point of view. Now the creative have been asked to start from a digital point of view and can wrap other channels around that. The proof is in the statistics, for example, in 2013 the digital industry saw a double-digit growth to a record high of £6.3 billion according to Internet Advertising UK figures.
But how does the same digital philosophy work for B2B businesses and SME clients that might not have the budgets of this new wave of digital giants like Tesco, GE and Disney?
"They are recognising that having a website that ranks well in search engines and has a social profile can feed the call centre for lead generation"
They have been on a similar journey. Their journey was a case of creating websites, just like calling card operations. They realise they need to exist on the web and recognise that they are now getting leads from their website when people ring them, order something or ask for a meeting. Our clients realise that enquiries are coming through the web and their online profiles are increasingly important.
We have got more progressive clients who recognise that their social presence and digital space is a driving force in their prospective lead generation. So we are working with them and looking at their marketing mix to increase their profiles online where the bulk of their leads come from.
We've instances where B2B clients do their lead generation almost solely through their websites. Another B2B client has a call centre where the leads are drying up and rather than doing more outbound work through telephone leads, they are doing more through the website to keep the call centre busy.
Read more and download here.

Centigrade - Digital Improvement

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