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3 May 2017
2 Jan 2013
Centigrade Names New Digital Director

Richard Brenkley Joins The Centigrade Team

Centigrade, a leading global marketing communications agency, is pleased to announce the addition of Richard Brenkley as Director – Digital. Richard brings nearly 14 years’ experience in the digital world to the company. “We were looking for someone who could come in and kick start our expanding digital capabilities,” said Barry Reading, the company’s managing director. “With Richard, all the ones and zeros match up for us.”

Richard first became interested in the digital world after taking a position at an information technology consultancy firm where his father worked. “I went there as a junior employee and was soon building a web development team. Back then, we were all about building websites, writing code and all the other nitty-gritty that goes along with it,” said Richard.

Since then, the world of digital advertising has exploded. The current and potential business-to-business and consumer marketing opportunities within the digital world are wide open. Plus, the constant development and adoption of new mobile technologies has solidified the need for people who understand this emerging media. “I live for the pace of change and the speed of innovation. The possibilities are endless. There are no ceilings or scenarios you can’t dream up. It’s like a digital playground,” said Richard.

A playground, yes. But Richard has serious plans when it comes to broadening Centigrade’s digital capabilities. “Believe it or not, the UK is currently the most developed online advertising market in the world. My goal is to create a Centigrade centre of excellence for digital communications with a collection of experts so everyone at our global locations has access to that talent and digital mind-set. The idea is to make sure digital integration is firmly imbedded within our DNA. That way we can educate our clients, expand into new markets and create new revenue streams,” Richard said with a smile.

When Richard’s face isn’t lighted with the glow of a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Richard is also an avid football fan and player. He is currently building his own car – a DAX Rush – and trying to earn his racing license.

Richard Brenkley

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