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19 Jan 2017
4 Dec 2013
Centigrade at The D Show

Cheers to our Detroit Creative Team

The Centigrade Detroit Creative Team went to the The Detroit Masonic Temple in December to celebrate the 7th Annual The D Show— Detroit's own annual fête of creative excellence hosted by Adcraft Club of Detroit! It was a lot of great fun full of excellent food, loud music, talented work, gangster-style pinstripes, very short skirts and the occasional flaming red mohawk. 

Centigrade was a finalist in the category of Graphic Design/Special Event Material (for Lamborghini).

Centigrade - Centigrade at the D Show - Detroit Creative Team
Centigrade - Centigrade at the D Show
Centigrade - Centigrade at the D Show
Centigrade - Centigrade at the D Show - Crowd

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