Festive Cliché Bingo with Centigrade

Yes, it’s the festive season. Yes, it’s commercial. Don’t like it? Try this. Yuletide, like summer weather, cheery policemen and the sight of little children reading books, is one of the many things that Used To Be Better In the Old Days. Nostalgists wax lyrical about simpler times when kids would be happy with an orange and a lump of coal in their stockings and the whole neighbourhood would...

Forbes joined Breitling on a flight on board the 77-year-old Breitling DC-3 aircraft

Forbes joined Centigrade client, Breitling, on an exclusive flight on board the 77-year-old Breitling DC-3 WWII aircraft as it sets to break the world record as the oldest plane to circumnavigate the globe.  #FlyBreitling 

Public Relations

Digital Detox - or Cold Turkey?

We interact with our smartphones over 2,000 times a day. Feel like a break?

It’s June. For us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, that means summer is finally here. So here’s a little question for you. How much of a deal-breaker would it be if your summer holiday accommodation didn’t have an internet connection?  For many the answer would probably be: no internet, no booking. How quickly times change! We used to mock the city traders and the politicos with their endless email...

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25 May

Nothing Fails Like Success

One of our colleagues at Centigrade needed some work done recently at her home. She called three contractors; all local, with good websites and glowing testimonials. One came out, viewed the job,...

4 May

The Blossom Walk

On the 22th of April Centigrader Helena did a 25 km walk called “Blossom walk”, it is organized every year to raise funds for the Red Cross. They walk in the fruit district in the Netherlands along...

3 May

Get to Know Our Intern: Caroline Solon

Caroline was born in Dearborn, Michigan. She likes spending her time sketching spontaneous things, amateur longboarding, surfing the world wide web, singing, and going on adventures on nature hikes...

27 Apr We Are All in the People Business

We Are All in the People Business

There’s a saying that a company’s greatest assets leave the building every day in the elevator. And it’s widely accepted that you need to create a working environment where people feel valued for...

23 Mar

The Enduring Appeal Of The Motor Show

Switzerland doesn’t have much in the way of a native car industry, which may explain why the Geneva Salon de l’Auto is an annual highlight for the global car business. Visit Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo...

28 Feb

Owning the Experience

There’s a theory that today’s affluent consumers want experiences, not possessions. Rather than buy some status symbol they haven’t got the time to use or enjoy, today’s entrepreneurs are out there...

19 Jan

Outsmarting the Consumer

Smart consumer technologies aim to anticipate our every need. Question is, do we know what we really want? Smart technologies and the Internet of Things have made the news lately as manufacturers...

15 Nov

When Black Gets the Blues

Black has always been a byword for disaster and calamity, so it’s curious that ‘Black Friday’ has become the day that puts a smile on retailers’ faces as they start the festive shopping season with a...

5 Oct Centigrade_Adrenalin for a Good Cause_Nick

Adrenalin Rush for a Good Cause

Centigrade supported Mission Motorsports and Help for Heroes to enable veterans experience the thrill of being driven around the historic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit at speed.  Mission Motorsports...

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