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Martin Lilly

Martin Lilly

Martin’s career began in the technical world of large-scale theatrical productions, corporate presentations and live events. The use of technology, video and automation to enhance audience...

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Leen Schodts

Leen Schodts

Leen’s career has spanned roles as Media Director and Client Services Director in many agencies in the Benelux. Based in our Belgian office, Leen is fluent in a number of languages and is currently...

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Centigrade - Autoliv Pilot Campaign 2010

Centigrade Appointed to Support Autoliv with Pilot Campaign

In Car Night Vision Safety Technology

Autoliv Electronics, a division of Autoliv (NYSE: ALV), has retained Centigrade to assist in the promotion of its next generation of in-car night vision safety technology, introducing the world’s first advanced Pedestrian Detection. The marketing campaign pilot focuses on three major markets in the United States - New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles and South Florida - integrating dealership...

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Julie Barnard

Julie Barnard

British born, American based (in our Detroit office) and international by design, Julie is one of the key members of Centigrade. Not only is she a leader who builds brands using a unique combination...

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Barry Reading

Barry Reading

Barry has an impressive, award-winning track record of delivering brand and corporate messages clearly and effectively. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small, intimate experience or a spectacular...

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Centigrade - Knauf USG Systems Aquapanel Investor Advertising - Board

Knauf USG Systems

AQUAPANEL® Investor Advertising

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