A multi-sensory experience can create a significant and lasting impact on anyone who interacts with your brand. At Centigrade, we go above and beyond to ensure every event experience that we plan, develop and activate connects prospects and customers to your brand in a powerful way. No idea is too big; no detail too small.


Live events are where brands come alive, offering prospects and customers an immersive experience in what you offer and the people who offer it. From unique events built from the 'brand up', to partner and sponsorship integration, to exhibitions and trade shows - our global track record demonstrates flawless execution, down to the last detail.

Incentive Programs

Centigrade offers unlimited possibilities in the exciting world of travel, engagement and recognition programs. In an increasingly complex corporate environment, the need for intelligent and efficient design, quantitative and qualitative measurement, thoughtful brand communication and motivational, results-driven campaigns is greater than ever. At Centigrade, we create the next generation of incentive programs that enable companies to increase sales, launch new products and to foster achievement.