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Outsmarting the Consumer

Smart consumer technologies aim to anticipate our every need. Question is, do we know what we really want? Smart technologies and the Internet of Things have made the news lately as manufacturers...


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1 Jan

Happy Holidays from Centigrade!


Dahlia took to the skies with the Breitling Jet Team

during the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow as part of their American Tour

Public Relations

Selling Independence

Why Goliath likes wearing David’s clothes

To the amazement of most (and the despair of many) the UK recently voted to leave the European Union. The promise of independence swung it, even though those leading the Brexit campaign didn’t have any idea of what independence would look like. (Plan A was to ask the EU for the same favourable trade terms as before, minus the membership fee or the commitment to free movement of labour. There was...

Thought Leaders Talk

Special magazine featuring the NXP Management team

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Q&A with Dahlia Kamel

Get to Know our Newest Centigrader

What was your most embarrassing moment? I tend to embarrass myself a lot. Sporting achievements? Kicking a soccer ball into my own teams’ goal. Favorite Group/band:  *NSYNC Name a singer that you can’t stand the sound of: Metallica If you could get free airfare – name a country you would visit and why. I would visit Thailand during Loi Krathong, which is their annual lantern festival which is...

International Newsletter

Content Management System streamlines international newsletter

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15 Nov

When Black Gets the Blues

Black has always been a byword for disaster and calamity, so it’s curious that ‘Black Friday’ has become the day that puts a smile on retailers’ faces as they start the festive shopping season with a...

18 Oct

When Ambassadors Go Rogue

To nobody’s great surprise, Ryan Lochte’s sponsors have dropped the twelve-time Olympic medallist like a lead weight in the deep end, following his frat-boy antics at a Rio service station and...



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