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Centigrade - Cars at the Capital - Gypsy Rose

2017 Cars at the Capital

Background The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) first exhibited on the National Mall in May, 2014. The Exhibit, “An Automotive Heritage Celebration,” featured 10 automobiles, one per decade from...

Public Relations, Automotive
27 Apr We Are All in the People Business

We Are All in the People Business

There’s a saying that a company’s greatest assets leave the building every day in the elevator. And it’s widely accepted that you need to create a working environment where people feel valued for...

​NXP Sustainability

Communicating on Health, Safety and Environment

Marketing Communications, Electronic

Toro Lynx GAC video mailer

Product promotion with self-running video

Digital, Sports
23 Mar

The Enduring Appeal Of The Motor Show

Switzerland doesn’t have much in the way of a native car industry, which may explain why the Geneva Salon de l’Auto is an annual highlight for the global car business. Visit Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo...


Marking milestones, building the brand

Marketing Communications, Digital, Electronic
28 Feb

Owning the Experience

There’s a theory that today’s affluent consumers want experiences, not possessions. Rather than buy some status symbol they haven’t got the time to use or enjoy, today’s entrepreneurs are out there...

1 Jan

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