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​Fujirebio – Euromedlab 2017

Make excellence routine

Fujirebio was at Euromedlab 2017 in Athens in June. Centigrade developed special communications based around their theme of “Make excellence routine” linking various actions around their exhibition...

Marketing Communications, Healthcare

Forbes joined Breitling on a flight on board the 77-year-old Breitling DC-3 aircraft

Forbes joined Centigrade client, Breitling, on an exclusive flight on board the 77-year-old Breitling DC-3 WWII aircraft as it sets to break the world record as the oldest plane to circumnavigate the globe.  #FlyBreitling 

Public Relations
11 Jul

Centigrade Public Relations Team Partners with Genesis on U.S.-based Brand, Product and Lifestyle Communications

Centigrade announced today a public relations partnership with Genesis, the luxury automotive brand. The agency team, with presence in Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston and Atlanta will support brand,...

Public Relations

Digital Detox - or Cold Turkey?

We interact with our smartphones over 2,000 times a day. Feel like a break?

It’s June. For us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, that means summer is finally here. So here’s a little question for you. How much of a deal-breaker would it be if your summer holiday accommodation didn’t have an internet connection?  For many the answer would probably be: no internet, no booking. How quickly times change! We used to mock the city traders and the politicos with their endless email...

7 Jun

Get to Know Our Newest Intern: Nicole Roberts

Nicole was born in Troy, Michigan. She likes reading, writing and binge watching Netflix. Nicole, like other Centigraders, can't people who don't use their turn signals while driving. She also...

​NXP Sustainability

Communicating on Health, Safety and Environment

Marketing Communications, Electronic
25 May

Nothing Fails Like Success

One of our colleagues at Centigrade needed some work done recently at her home. She called three contractors; all local, with good websites and glowing testimonials. One came out, viewed the job,...

Toro Lynx GAC video mailer

Product promotion with self-running video

Digital, Sports


Marking milestones, building the brand

Digital, Marketing Communications, Electronic
25 May

Get to Know Our Newest Intern: Casey Edwards

Casey was born in Detroit. She likes yoga, cooking, loving dogs and watching prison break (currently). Casey can't stand poor font choices, traffic, when people make noises while yawning, and mean...